Advanced Population Analytics

Advanced Population Analytics

Advanced Population Analytics™: Unmatched Insight to Drive Care Planning and Risk Assessment

How do health plans and healthcare providers thrive within value-based care models?

With deep data insights. A granular view of patient populations is needed to improve care quality, reduce costs and manage population risk. It takes advanced analysis of this data to drive effective care planning and risk assessment at both the patient and population levels.



Aerial™ Advanced Population Analytics helps healthcare organizations make sense of their data and target meaningful opportunities to manage high-risk and rising-risk populations while lowering costs.

Find and understand high-risk, high-cost populations

With Aerial Advanced Population Analytics, health plans and healthcare providers gain unmatched insight into high-risk, high-cost individuals and populations through:

  • Predictive analytics to identify and segment populations and forecast care needs and costs
  • Preconfigured and custom reports that provide real-time actionable information for intervention at the point of care
  • Views into individual patient risk factors to assess the need for individualized care plans
  • Dashboards and reports that generate a transparent view of quality, clinical and financial performance across populations and provider networks

There’s no shortage of data in healthcare. The key to better care management programs is putting it to use strategically.

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Aerial Complex Care Management™ and Aerial Insights™ are NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidated with possible autocredit designation, awarded in standards year 2018. Find out how your organization can benefit.