Population Health Management and Patient Engagement Solutions

Aerial Bundled Episode Manager


Increase the Value in Value-Based Care

Bundled payment models present new opportunities for providers. By participating in these models, they can better manage high-risk, high-cost patient populations while optimizing revenue.

The Aerial Bundled Episode Manager helps providers better manage patient populations and coordinate ongoing treatment to drive improved clinical and financial outcomes based on specific bundles.

Visualize and measure patient progress against bundle goals

With Aerial Bundled Episode Manager, care managers can follow a patient’s progress through a prescribed treatment and track against the care plan and expected costs.

It simplifies care coordination throughout the 90-day required care continuum and helps providers choose care plan options with the most value for the least cost with:

  • A visual dashboard to identify patients that need attention and adjust care plans as a patient progresses through the care continuum
  • The ability to set goals and actions, which helps you track successes against planned clinical pathways and zero in on potential barriers
  • Risk scoring and the ability to assess readmission risk

Aerial Bundled Episode Manager helps organizations manage upside and downside risk with confidence to drive value-based care forward.