Aerial CarePlanner 360™

Aerial CarePlanner 360™

Dynamic Care Planning for a More Flexible, Person-Centered Approach

Effective care management depends on the ability to zero in on the holistic health of members and patients within high-risk and rising-risk populations and target meaningful opportunities to engage those individuals in their care.

But to ensure active engagement and compliance with plans for care – which is necessary for enhancing optimal outcomes – a positive experience for both those enrolled in the program and the care managers working with them is essential.

Always meet members where they are

Member engagement

Aerial CarePlanner 360™ gives care managers the flexibility to quickly pivot any time new information that impacts member or patient care arises, improving the experience and thus the effectiveness of the care management program.

First, members are identified and stratified through Aerial’s advanced analytics. Using CarePlanner 360, care managers then engage with prioritized individuals to conduct a holistic assessment — a shorter, more focused questionnaire with 60% fewer questions than traditional program-based assessments¬ — that is prepopulated based on data from analytics and member responses. Based on the completed assessment, Care Planner 360 automatically generates a personalized plan of care including problems, goals, interventions, and barriers. When new, relevant data is received, the care plan is dynamically adjusted to prioritize the appropriate interventions, greatly increasing care team efficiency.

By leveraging Medecision’s decades of experience helping the country’s largest health plans and care management companies advance their care planning processes, CarePlanner 360:

  • Improves the consumer and care manager experience.
    • Engage more of the most complex members and reduce the overall cost of care by streamlining assessments and improving care plan compliance. CarePlanner 360 enables care managers to conduct more meaningful interactions that address each individual’s situation, preferences, and priorities.
  • Closes gaps in care and drives efficiency.
    • Using advanced intelligence gleaned through multiple data sources, CarePlanner 360 suggests holistic, member-centric topics for discussion, including behavioral and socioeconomic issues. Easy-to-understand visualizations help guide conversations, improve interactions, and increase care plan compliance.
  • Reduces readmissions, hospitalizations, and specialty care.
    • CarePlanner 360 helps your care management program direct members to the right providers with the right care plan at the right time to prevent complications and unnecessary utilization.
  • Offers significant financial impact.
    • By increasing the reach, engagement rate, compliance rate, and operational efficiency of your existing program, organizations can achieve ROIs of 6:1 and higher.

CarePlanner 360 reveals more than just a member’s disease state; it offers a more complete view of the individual to drive a more efficient, cost-effective, and modernized care management approach. Using data that ranges from lab reports to socioeconomic factors, it:

  • Dynamically incorporates newly identified insights and any re-prioritization into the care management workflows
  • Delivers evidence-based recommendations, actions, and potential barriers that adjust in real time based on new data and are tailored for the whole person—not just a condition
  • Offers URAC- and NCQA-compliant assessments and care plans that support personalized interventions and barrier identification, allowing for seamless comorbidity management to support HEDIS measures
  • Incorporates robust, systematic, and always up-to-date collaborative clinical content
  • Enables care managers to easily track and report on the progress of care management programs, goals, and interventions
  • Offers optional in-field assessments and care plans with online/offline sync and in-field printing support

CarePlanner 360 provides care managers with the flexibility they need to continually refine their care plans and deliver truly personalized care. To improve outcomes, care managers must always meet their members wherever they are.

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Aerial Complex Care Management™ and Aerial Insights™ are NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidated with possible autocredit designation, awarded in standards year 2018. Find out how your organization can benefit.