Population Health Care Coordination

Solutions for fee-for-service to pay-for-performance

Population Health Management and Patient Engagement Solutions

Complete coordination of care is vital to patient outcomes and cost management. Aerial™ provides care coordination solutions that reduce fragmented care and connect everyone involved in the care cycle—physicians, patients, family members, care managers, pharmacists, and administrators.

Aerial is designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems. The care coordination software connects interdisciplinary care teams and integrates with community-based EHRs to help you manage your populations.


Aerial’s care management software solutions help you:

  • Identify high-risk patients to ensure they receive appropriate care at every stage.
  • Analyze and segment population health data.
  • Guide patients to the most appropriate, cost-effective care, reducing future ED visits and hospital admissions.
  • Create proactive intervention strategies that help patients avoid reemerging problems and reduce costs.
  • Turn real-time data into on-the-spot solutions with built-in Clinical Decision Support Tools.
  • Automate manual operations to streamline workflows and reduce costs.

Additional features of Aerial’s healthcare management solution software include:

  • Interoperability with Master Patient Index (MPI).
  • Care alerts and other reminders at the point of care.
  • Built-in, easy-to-manage referral workflow, including referral tracking, communication and data sharing.
  • Managed care functionality through an episode, including transitions between providers and/or different levels of care.
  • Ability to deliver clinical history to other providers in the care chain.


Care Management

The care management software solutions built into Aerial help care managers identify members who would benefit from care management programs. It also enables care managers to conduct screening assessments, meet NCQA and HEDIS requirements, and more.

Consumer Engagement

Aerial’s Consumer Care module empowers patients to take control of their health with a suite of direct-to-consumer applications. These include interactive educational videos, personalized care plans, and self-assessments.

When all actors in the care cycle are empowered with the information they need, patient outcomes improve.