Make Accountable Predictable

Population Health Management and Patient Engagement Solutions


Solutions for fee-for-service to fee-for-value


Aerial is built on a fast, scalable, secure superstructure that connects, curates, directs and standardizes data so it seamlessly integrates with your existing technology and workflow.Aerial™ includes:

  • A unified clinical record—collected from real-time population and individual data across healthcare entities—that drives outcomes based on predictive analysis instead of retrospective review.
  • The ability to accept and process industry-standard formats like HL7, CCD, EDI CMS, real time or batch.
  • Seamless feeds between Aerial and providers, payers, employers and consumers to enable real-time interaction with EMRs, PBMs, Labs, Medical Devices, Benefit Administration Systems and mobile devices.
  • Unique adoption and certification of interface standards to speed implementation and reduce total cost of ownership of interface maintenance.
  • Hundreds of services, either Soap- or REST-based. This open integration allows the execution of almost every function within our platform to be available to external execution in a real-time fashion.
  • A modular platform, with over 150 published web services and extension APIs, enabling unparalleled levels of interconnectivity. With interfaces based upon familiar transaction sets, clients can interconnect and interact with their providers, employers, payers and consumers in transformative ways.
  • Real-time data exchange, proven connectivity and actionable insight that allow you to move from silos to bridges.
  • Support for any risk-bearing healthcare organization, regardless of size, type or complexity, structured to foster collaboration across the continuum of care and accelerate an organization’s transition to a shared-risk care delivery model.
  • Comprehensive healthcare data management and healthcare data reporting functionality to aggregate and curate the massive amount of gathered information into actionable insights.
  • Healthcare data analytics to segment and manage population health data, ultimately leading to lower costs and improved care of patients.

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