Financial Performance Dashboards

Aerial™ Financial Performance Dashboards

Zero In on Opportunities for Cost Savings and Better Outcomes

Population health program success begins with identifying the right opportunities for intervention. Health systems need ways to segment, stratify and understand their patient populations to drive down clinical and financial risk.

With Aerial Financial Performance Dashboards, healthcare providers have a clear line of sight into the entire population they are managing to gain the intelligence needed to proactively manage costs and outcomes. They have real-time views into the various levels of detail critical for effective management. Aerial Financial Performance Dashboards allow health systems to visualize and guide quality care and financial performance for targeted populations and individuals.



Visualize the road to improved population health

With a unique view into clinical and financial data—plus access to vital tracking and measurement metrics in easy-to-understand visualizations—Aerial Financial Performance Dashboards provide critical insight to make decisions in real-time.

Now health systems can:

  • Maintain network strength with actionable intelligence into care quality and utilization trends—including out-of-network use patterns
  • Gain a comprehensive view of performance metrics while monitoring clinical interventions—and their impact on costs
  • Identify prescribing patterns to optimize medication adherence and expenses while driving appropriate use
  • Target and act on co-morbidity and chronic condition population clusters
  • View entire populations by cost summaries, claims profiles and demographics—or filter into areas of interest for trend reports and costs analysis

There are plenty of opportunities to improve care quality and reduce costs. Let actionable insights help identify where to focus to achieve the biggest benefits.

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Aerial Complex Care Management™ and Aerial Insights™ are NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidated with possible autocredit designation, awarded in standards year 2018. Find out how your organization can benefit.