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Population Health Management Applications for Government-Sponsored Health Plans

Making Accountable Predictable and Predictable Actionable


It’s about time. Introducing affordable, flexible tools to support quality care and facilitate compliance for Medicaid, Medicare Advantage populations.Progressive health plans are quickly transforming from decades-old Medicaid and Medicare Advantage program administration approaches to today’s fast-paced regulatory environment and broadened responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act.

With Aerial™, government health plans get a modern, modular, services-based alternative to managing government beneficiaries. It’s time for all plans serving these patients to avoid unwieldy, massive IT systems, and concentrate on their primary mission of improving the health outcomes of their beneficiaries, managing to quality measures and ensuring risk score accuracy and compliance.

Identify and Stratify
     Examine your population to identify the highest risk and costly patients.

  • Aerial Insights Platform will take in data from multiple sources including individual claims and clinical data across care settings then utilize advanced algorithms and data models to provide a holistic view of your government population.

Determine Cause, Take Action
     Analytics Driven Topics and Interventions

  • Complex Care Management leverages Aerial Insights data, clinical intelligence rules and evidence-based content to automate care plan topics and interventions allowing real-time and individualized management of even your most complex patients, all within a single plan of care.

     Proactively engage patients and their care community

  • With secure and social messaging, integrated goal setting, self-assessments, and education – engage patients and their communities when and where it works best for them.

Measure and Report
     Design workflow to ensure clinical requirements are met & auto-generate federal and state-specific reports.

  • Interdisciplinary teams can build care plans to deliver optimal health outcomes and identify opportunities in support of HCC coding and reporting.
  • Pre-configured and customizable reports automatically populate data necessary to directly align with Medicaid-specific requirements and compliance reports such as STAR, GPRO / ACO, P4P and HEDIS.

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