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Population Health Management and Patient Engagement Solutions

Hospitals and Health Systems with Chronic
Care Populations

Improve care while leveraging your IT investment

We understand the extensive investment your institution has made in IT infrastructure and solutions. Aerial™ is built to work seamlessly with existing systems, becoming part of your ecosystem, with your EMR in the center. We use standard HL7 interfaces to cost-efficiently integrate with data warehouses that are unique to hospitals and health systems. We easily integrate with their clinical data repositories to support existing workflows and process Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) data.Of course your first priority is improving patient care. By connecting everyone throughout the care cycle—clinicians, care managers, patients, family members, pharmacists—Aerial gets the right information to the right people at the right time for complete chronic care management. That means better decisions, better care and better efficiency.

More than standard PHM, Aerial is Proven Population Health Management Plus, enabling you to:

  • Identify high-risk patients to ensure they receive the most appropriate level of care.
  • Use analytics to segment and manage population health data.
  • Guide patients to the most appropriate, cost-effective care, resulting in fewer avoidable emergency department (ED) visits and hospital stays.
  • Access real-time data and intelligence at the point of care with Clinical Decision Support Tools.
  • Close care gaps and create proactive intervention strategies that reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.
  • Automate manual operations to improve efficiency and save money.
  • Install the technology easily and realize ROI quickly.

We also have specific features that speak your language and work the way you need to work.

Bundled Payments

  • Intuitive reporting that connects the financial and clinical reporting
  • Identification of potential members eligible for services under a bundle, so they can proactively manage care prior to surgery
  • Clinical nurses who determine the best list of disease states that may trigger a bundled payment
  • Assistance in analyzing existing services delivered to determine potential bundles to pursue
  • Integrated care team coordination
  • Financial analytics
  • CMS chronic care management
  • Outcomes reporting
  • Referral management