ePHR Health Summary

E-PHR Health Summary

Target Meaningful Interventions with Shared Insight

Truly collaborative patient care requires the entire care team to have easy access to all current patient information. From care managers to community service providers, coordination needs to occur across the care continuum. That’s what it takes to create and monitor care plans that support meaningful interventions for at-risk patients.



Deliver 360°, up-to-the-minute visibility into patient health status

Aerial™ ePHR Health Summary gives all care team members a 360-degree view of patients’ health. By enabling critical visibility into care plan information, providers can better coordinate interventions to close gaps in care. The dynamic, longitudinal patient health record helps care teams identify risks and improve patient health.

Health Summary lets providers:

  • Share health summaries in the way that works best, whether printed, saved as a PDF, accessed through a portal or exported via HL7 CCD formats
  • Gain quick insight into key quality metrics, medications, ED and hospital visits, and more
  • Deliver more informed, smarter care

Health Summary aligns all stakeholders in a more efficient and collaborative environment. With readily available information and insight, health systems can achieve better overall care management and control costs.

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Aerial Complex Care Management™ and Aerial Insights™ are NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidated with possible autocredit designation, awarded in standards year 2018. Find out how your organization can benefit.