Lunch with the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative

Drew Kraisinger Drew Kraisinger
Vice President, Innovation & Strategy

Washington D.C. was all abuzz last Wednesday – not because of anything having to do with the presidential elections (for once) but because Wednesday saw the inaugural member meeting of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC). This nonprofit collaborative, housed at Western Governors University (WGU) and co-chaired by Governor Mike Leavitt, former Secretary of HHS, and Dr. Mark McClellan, former CMS administrator and FDA Commissioner, offers an opportunity for maturing Accountable Care Organizations to gain insight into how to implement accountable care effectively and how to scale and grow clinically, financially and politically.

Naturally, Medecision was present. Not only is Medecision a founding member of the ACLC, but Medecision also sponsored the inaugural meeting of the collaborative. Dr. William Gillespie, Executive Vice President, Population Health and Chief Medical Officer for Medecision welcomed the participants and introduced the conference’s keynote speaker, Dr. Mai Pham, Chief Innovation Officer and Acting Director of the Policy and Programs Group at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

“The movement towards value-based care has left the station,” said Dr. Gillespie, “but the knowledge of what works and what does not is not broadly shared today. The ACLC can change that. We’ve gathered to meet like-minded people, to learn something, and to experience the excitement for the mission of collecting and making publicly available the tools and competencies needed for successful transition to value-based care.”

The inaugural meeting of the ACLC could hardly have come at a more critical time. More than 28 million lives are covered by accountable care arrangements—up from 2.7 million lives just five years ago. Yet our healthcare system is still made up of patchwork of care delivery organizations. The ACLC aims to frame the organizational competencies needed to achieve the accountable care delivery models that can truly serve populations and individuals as a continuous system.

“The ACLC has been convened to help redefine healthcare as we know it,” said Dr. Gillespie, “to make it truly patient-centered. Medecision has partnered with numerous risk-bearing entities to foster successful accountable care practices, and we understand the challenges that these organizations have faced. The race to population health may be a marathon rather than a sprint, but Medecision’s experience can help organizations understand how to foster the transformations that have to occur in order to succeed. It’s time to transition from asking what to do to be successful in accountable care models to scaling the techniques and tools that have been shown to drive meaningful results.”

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