Optimizing Medicaid Population Management

Augusta Kairys Augusta Kairys
SVP, Market Development, Health Plans

One bit of news we were happy to share recently had to do with the announcement that Optum is incorporating Medecision’s Aerial™ platform and applications into its newly unveiled Optum™ Medicaid Management Services (OMMS) solution. With OMMS, States looking for a Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) are now free to concentrate on more effective Medicaid administration, instead of time-consuming, costly technology implementations.   The inclusion of Medecision’s proven population health management capabilities ensures that states can drive operational efficiencies, improve outcomes, identify opportunities to improve their Medicaid programs and have easy access to comprehensive care management tools—which will translate into better care and better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable in the country.

From our perspective at Medecision, this is a win in multiple dimensions. It’s great to be able to work with Optum to foster the care that these vulnerable populations require. Optum is already working with 36 different states and the District of Columbia, but the OMMS solution is new in so far as it’s offered on a SaaS basis – which means that States can take advantage of this solution without the costly, laborious and time-consuming efforts associated with building and validating on-premise solutions. That’s not an insignificant advantage, as past deployment efforts have taken some states two years and more—and the OMMS solution they can bring onboard in far less time.

Medicaid population management is a massive undertaking, particularly as more and more states expand the scope of their Medicaid offerings.  States often resort to a combination of best-of-breed components to manage the populations, so the availability of Aerial™ SaaS, with its quick implementation and fast-to-value compliance and care workflow capabilities fits the bill perfectly. Optum’s decision to use Aerial means they’re focused on bringing best practices to their customers and we are thrilled that Aerial is part of it!

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