Predictive Analytics Help Christiana Care Identify At-Risk Patients

James Coates James Coates
Vice President, Marketing Services


In the opening session of the Health Data Management Healthcare Analytics Symposium, Dr. Terri Steinberg, chief health information officer and vice president of population health informatics at Christiana Care Health System, said predictive data algorithms are needed to leverage population health management in order to identify individuals who need more care, less care, and to deliver it.

“The long and short of it is we have people in front of computers who are constantly being told by the system which patients are in trouble, or who’s likely to get in trouble. We think, as clinicians, we know how to take care of patients, but the analytics we have running today do it much better,” said Steinberg.

Christiana Care leverages Medecision’s Aerial population health platform for their health system’s technology infrastructure.

To find out more about how Aerial™ helps Christiana Care identify at-risk patients, read the full article here.

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