Successful Interventions, Positive Outcomes: Understanding the Impact of Social Determinants of Health

Tamara Cull Tamara Cull
Senior Vice President, Aveus

This article was co-written by Donald Casey Jr, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief of Clinical Affairs for Medecision, and Tamara Cull, DHA, Vice President of Advisory Services for Medecision.

Although it’s difficult to generalize the impact of social determinants of health, addressing them is fundamental to improving overall healthcare quality for member populations.

According to the newly released National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, disparities for the poor and uninsured populations make quite a statement. More than half of measures show poor and low-income households have worse care than high-income households, and two-thirds of measures show uninsured people had worse care than privately insured people.

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