The Population Health Management Conundrum

James Coates James Coates
VP, Marketing Services


The bar is continuing to rise for care quality and value, increasing the stakes for healthcare organizations to achieve sustainable healthcare through better patient care at lower costs. Though population health management (PHM) is critical in achieving this, the industry is still grappling with best practices, causing a slower progression to better performance.

In this recent Becker’s Hospital Review article, our own Mary Sirois discusses the key elements of effective PHM, including identifying high-risk populations, patient care plans and communication, and her thoughts around why it’s been difficult to implement PHM thus far.

According to Sirois, healthcare organizations must first promote big data analytics, business process management and engagement, education and interaction initiatives in order to start out successfully on the PHM path.

From there, she identifies seven common obstacles stand in front of healthcare organizations achieving advanced PHM, from change management and collaboration to patient engagement and technology.

To read the full article and find out what Sirois recommends for healthcare organizations to overcome these obstacles and achieve true PHM, click here.


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