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Population Health Management and Patient Engagement Solutions


Solutions for fee-for-service to fee-for-value


Clarity is a must-have for organizations in the new healthcare marketplace, and Aerial™ delivers critical, up-to-the-minute information, based on your specific needs. The platform comes equipped with robust and highly configurable reporting tools. Analytics, performance, outcomes, compliance, costs and usage can be tracked, measured and reported in order to support strategic, administrative, clinical and regulatory requirements. Aerial gives you key insight to transforming your population health management.

Aerial includes:

  • Visibility into the clinical, operational and financial success of your population management strategy
  • Revenue and cost-based dashboards
  • Provider performance measurement across volume, costs, and productivity based on best practice guidelines
  • Utilization review and other financial analysis
  • Reporting on outcomes utilizing sophisticated tools to identify care opportunities in support of quality reporting programs such as HCC, HEDIS, P4P and Star Ratings.
  • Evaluation of operational and productivity trends over time.
  • More effective management of the appeals process through turnaround time reporting.
  • Efficacy tracking of care management program investments.
  • Measurement of key financial and quality performance indicators such as pharmacy spend and, condition cost summaries by claim type or line of business, among many others.
  • Population cost trend reports sorted by disease severity to develop a blueprint for populations and identify the highest cost centers.
  • Individual, patient-level reporting centered on gaps in care, risk and disease severity to help identify individuals most likely to benefit from care or disease management program enrollment.

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