Winding down from Liberation 2017, gearing up for transformative year

Tamara Cull Tamara Cull
Senior Vice President, Aveus

As we wind down from a successful week at Liberation 2017, we want to thank you all for attending. From educational keynotes to networking to our interactive MedCAP sessions, there was an unprecedented level of energy. Your skin is clearly in the healthcare game.

After reflecting on the week, a few things stand out to us as we move forward into the rest of 2017 with our population health pioneer customers and partners:


  1. Big data is real & it’s powerful. We’ve been talking about big data for years—the importance of having it, how to analyze it and what to do with it. This year, we saw multiple presentations that show how big data is working in real life:
    • Richard Migliori, MD, EVP of Medical Affairs & CMO, UnitedHealth Group showed us how they are using data to zero in on opportunity in their changing market.
    • In the Zone, I spoke with Dominique Morgan-Solomon & David Schwartz about different ways data can be used to look at risk-based programs, including geospatial data, integrated data systems and data on rising-risk populations.
  1. Fundamentals that we all assumed need to be reconstructed. To make the value-based care transition successful, things we’ve done for years have to change. Take funding, for example: We heard from Jeff Cribbs at Gartner about his Maverick research for the Universal Health Innovation Hub (UHIH), a new theory for restructuring healthcare funding in a public platform concept. Marian Grant, Director of Policy and Professional Engagement, Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, presented on integrating palliative care into curative care. This approach shows we need shift toward supporting more patient- and family-centric care.


  1. We’re at a tipping point we can control. As Washington debates, an important question has risen: Who is really in charge of healthcare innovation? At Liberation, the answer was evident. According to Richard Umbdenstock, President Emeritus, American Hospital Association, and Member, Board of Directors of C-TAC , and echoed by many of you, healthcare leaders from both payer and provider organizations should work together to push toward patient-centric value-based care. Regardless of what happens in policy, we have the opportunity to fix an unsustainable system.

Mentioned by a few of our speakers, healthcare can, “let all win, or we risk losing together”. Together, our collaboration, innovation and efforts to pioneer population health programs will allow us to have a collective impact on the industry. We’re looking forward to working with you all this year and beyond to identify, intervene and engage in meaningful opportunity for change.

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