Drive Care Coordination

Connecting Care Everywhere with Technology-Driven Care Coordination Solutions

Aerial is a powerful platform for profitable and effective population health management.

Aerial includes applications to empower any risk-bearing entity using any model of care management and care coordination. Aerial is the platform to “connect care everywhere”, in support of collaborative clinical decision-making, seamless transitions of care, risk management and operational and financial alignment.

An end-to-end solution, Aerial enables Care Cycle Management by helping providers improve quality and reduce costs through five components:

  • Data Aggregation
  • Analysis
  • Patient Intervention & Engagement
  • Sharing & Exchange
  • Outcomes & Reporting

By connecting care everywhere, Aerial strengthens the vital communication between care teams, technology platforms, and data silos, and mitigates our fragmented, inefficient healthcare system.

Aerial uses sophisticated rules and interface engines to extract and integrate clinical and administrative information from a variety of disparate sources, including clinical data from EMRs and EHRs. It also includes lab, pharmacy, authorizations, diagnosis and procedure information.

Aerial can be supplemented with Care Guidelines that are internally developed or externally integrated. This information is provided as gaps-in-care alerts to physicians at the point-of-care.

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