Care Coordination

Care Coordination
for Efficient Referral Management

Medecision drives successful clinical integration, care coordination and patient population management with real-time clinical decision support tools. Enabling sophisticated population and care analytics that support value-based incentives.

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Award-winning clinical integration becomes reality with Medecision.

Timely Care Delivery With Improved Outcomes

Medecision supports faster, more efficient referrals to healthcare services. And by ingesting and analyzing a variety of clinical data—including lab, pharmacy, authorization, diagnosis, and procedure information—empowering teams with actionable information that reduces staff workloads and improves operational efficiency.

Automate Referral Tasks And Drive Care Quality

Automated workflows with client-configurable auto-routing and auto-approval rules reduce paperwork, and speed processing – increasing your staff’s throughput and lowering costs. You can build clinical alerts to proactively manage gaps in care and support other pay-for-performance programs.