Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Drive Clinical Integration and Collaboration, Improve Outcomes

The best patient care is both efficient and effective. The path to better patient engagement, improved quality of care and lower healthcare costs starts with care coordination—within a healthcare organization and across the entire care continuum.

Aerial Care Coordination gives healthcare providers actionable insights, decision support and care management workflows. With it, they can deliver more efficient care in a collaborative environment, working with both patients and care team members.


Deliver sophisticated, actionable, care management tools, when and where it’s needed

Aerial Care Coordination drives successful clinical integration, care coordination and population management strategies with real-time clinical decision support tools and sophisticated analytics. Information available at the point of care and across the care continuum helps:

  • Reveal gaps in care to guide prevention and intervention for high-risk patient populations
  • Ensure healthcare providers, medical administrators and patients receive clinical reminders for Medicare Star Rating, HCC, HEDIS®, P4P and other chronic and prevention-based programs
  • Tap into the benefits of timely lab, pharmacy, authorization, diagnosis and procedure information to improve care and lower cost

Care coordination is at the center of successful care management programs, and collaborating across the continuum improves outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.

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Aerial Complex Care Management™ and Aerial Insights™ are NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidated with possible autocredit designation, awarded in standards year 2018. Find out how your organization can benefit.