We share four benefits of introducing technology and automation to your care management program.

By Medecision

What often gets in the way of providing truly effective care management? The usual suspects are sluggish manual processes, poor quality data and inadequate workflow technologies. But when you leverage actionable data, introduce smarter workflows and use evidence-based solutions that bring industry-leading automation to care management, everyone benefits. Here are four ways:

1. Achieve the Goals of Your Care Management Program

Solve many of the challenges care management teams and those in charge of them face:

  • Timely identification of individuals who will most benefit from care management
  • Proactive engagement across the care ecosystem
  • Continuity of care along the entirety of the patient journey
  • Collaboration among all members of the care team
  • Effective care management for multiple comorbidities
  • Ability to demonstrate the impact and benefits of care management
  • Coordinate care while controlling costs
  • Job satisfaction and retention of care managers

2. Improve Patient Outcomes

With a 360-degree view of an individual’s health, shared across the care ecosystem, care teams can make better data-driven decisions. The right care gets to the right people at the right time. And patients feel guided and empowered to take a more proactive role in their health, which can improve health outcomes and build brand loyalty.

3. Boost the Bottom Line

Optimized workflows help the organization meet regulatory mandates for quality and timeliness, avoid penalties, prevent wasteful spending on operational inefficiencies, and reduce network leakage. Plus, with greater efficiency, organizations can scale care management programs and serve more consumers while keeping costs contained.

4. Drive Provider and Consumer Satisfaction

Introducing automation wherever possible reduces administrative burdens, allows teams to focus resources where clinical judgment is truly needed, and ensures care teams and providers can operate at top of license. It also reduces the wait time patients experience for services, approvals and referrals. In turn, this can improve consumer satisfaction, which can translate into more positive scores on customer satisfaction surveys like CAHPS.

Level-Up Performance

Don’t let your care management efforts be hampered by tedious manual processes, insufficient technology and outdated processes. Medecision offers solutions with industry-leading automation—streamlining manual workflows, automating data ingestion, and leveraging auto-approval and auto-workflow rules that speed response times and reduce administrative burdens and costs.

Analytics-driven insights help care managers identify high-priority gaps. High-quality data is easily accessed and shared to build individualized care plans and drive whole-person care. And game-changing operational efficiencies are introduced that have a positive impact on healthcare outcomes and the bottom line.

Now that’s a winning strategy.

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