Christiana Care: Data-Driven Care Management Success

Summary: IDC Health Insights, a leading market intelligence firm, discusses Christiana Care’s Carelink CareNow program and how data drives success with a more holistic approach to care management. As the healthcare industry struggles for success in at-risk contracting, it is important to remember the complexity and commitment required to assemble the right resources and have

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Population Health: A Bridge To Better Patient Care And Lowered Costs

Summary: This paper outlines the journey of Christiana Care Health System, who has taken major strides in making the concept of population health management (PHM) a reality. Download Now

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Balancing Act: Managing Outcomes and Costs for Medicare & Medicaid Populations

Summary: With the number of people reaching age 65 growing each day, it is not more important than ever for health care organizations to devise ways to both educate and connect with Medicaid and Medicare members at a personal level. This white paper provides a step by step approach to overcoming care management barriers and

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Next-Gen Care Management Part II: Key Technical Factors Shaping Your Solution

Summary: While Part I of this white paper series examined four ways that care management solutions must expand beyond traditional systems, here in Part II, this white paper identifies some of the technical decisions health plans and providers must make about their care management solution. Download Now

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Next-Gen Care Management Part I: Evolving Solutions to Meet New Demands

Summary: Care Management is an essential component of the population health management picture, and health care organizations are constantly evolving their care management programs. Thus, their IT solutions must keep up, and in order to do so, they must effectively expand beyond traditional systems to support evolving demands. This white paper assesses four ways that

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