Meet Anna McDonald.

She’s a member of our Customer Experience team where she works as a Technical Writer. When Anna isn’t focusing on Aerial Engage documentation or managing web content for our Aerial Community, she unplugs and takes time to give back to her community.

One of the ways Anna gets involved in her community is by giving back to her alma mater, Purdue University. Annually, she volunteers with the Dallas/Fort Worth Purdue Alumni club to review and rate scholarship applications from incoming and returning students. On a more regular basis, Anna volunteers with the Harriet Tubman School of Excellence, an independent faith-based private middle school that serves underprivileged youth in fifth to eighth grade, where she is Vice President on the school’s Board of Trustees.

While COVID-19 has prevented Anna from engaging in several of her local in-person volunteer opportunities, she still finds ways to help. Because the holidays can be challenging for many families, every year around Christmas, Anna and her husband donate a trunk full of groceries to a local shelter, as well as occasionally donate to toy drives. Before the pandemic, she went shopping for families in need during the holidays and she hopes to get back to that soon.

Whether it’s getting involved with her alma mater, serving underprivileged youth, or assisting families during stressful times, Anna will continue to use her passion for helping people to make a positive impact on her community. #WeAreMedecision

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