Meet Maria Colaberdino.

She’s a member of our Portfolio Management team where she works as the Senior Director of Clinical Principal. Maria is also Medecision’s longest-tenured nurse and when she isn’t caring for others in her job, she gives back to her local community.

One of the ways Maria volunteers is through local food drives and organized food collections sponsored by her church, participating in weekly food collections and cooking meals for the homeless. Not only does Maria cook the meals, but she gathers all of the necessary supplies to ensure everything is successfully delivered to those in need. She also takes part in the other opportunities her church offers, like collecting gift cards, money, food, and supplies for local charities and organizations.

Previously, Maria was on the Foundation Board of McKesson Corporation where she worked to find qualifying organizations to receive corporate gifts. Additionally, she worked with Christmas in April, a non-profit organization that rehabilitates the houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities. Within this organization, which is supported entirely by voluntary contributions, Maria helped to paint, clean and repair the houses and was involved in the selection and qualification process.

As if cooking meals for the homeless, volunteering with her church, and sponsoring home renovations for those in need wasn’t enough, she also participates in community clean-up events, clothing drives, and fundraisers for local families who need assistance. Maria’s determination to help her community, especially during these uncertain times, is just one example of how Liberators continue to give back. #WeAreMedecision

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