KING OF PRUSSIA, PA –(BUSINESS WIRE) — June 18, 2024Medecision, a trailblazer in cloud-based, data-powered healthcare solutions, launched its advanced Aerial Data Platform and Clinical Intelligence Engine. By harnessing the full power of data to improve outcomes, optimize medical costs, reduce administrative burdens, and deliver personalized engagement, Medecision’s solutions will transform healthcare.

Transforming Healthcare with Real-Time Data Integration, Flexibility, and Speed

According to Gartner [1], almost every healthcare entity worldwide has a digital strategy aiming to transform healthcare through technological advancements. However, without significantly more strategic use and connection of data, healthcare will remain stagnant, with limited insights and unacceptable consumer experiences. The healthcare sector has traditionally faced challenges in data sharing, integration, and interoperability, rendering the goal of achieving ubiquitous, real-time, actionable data both unrealistic and overly ambitious.

Organizations face a maze of complex challenges when building a modern data platform: ensuring real-time and flexible ingestion and integration of clinical and non-clinical data, integrating built-in care intelligence, and managing the staggering cost and complexity of building the platform from scratch.

The Aerial Data Platform is purpose-built to tackle these challenges. It redefines healthcare data management with its cutting-edge data lakehouse architecture, offering real-time intake of diverse data—structured, unstructured, and streaming—the toughest challenge of them all.

Complementing the Data Platform, the Aerial Clinical Intelligence Engine delivers embedded intelligence, automation, and responsible AI. Medecision’s Engine continuously predicts clinical risks and orchestrates quality, cost management and engagement strategies, such as population health, digital care management, personalized bi-directional care journeys, and utilization management workflows.

This capability powers a single, longitudinal view of a person’s health that consolidates clinical narratives across the care continuum. Furthermore, it offers instant access to transactional data to trigger timely interventions and analytical data to determine the next best actions, all without latency.

Throughout, the Aerial Data Platform ensures end-to-end transparency through robust monitoring and metadata management, eliminating any blind spots.

Real-Time Data Integration: The Heartbeat of Modern Healthcare

The investment in the Aerial Data Platform and Clinical Intelligence Engine is over three years in the making and is used by leading risk-bearing healthcare organizations. It is specifically designed to enable fast implementation—up to four times faster than other solutions—helping to get to value faster and increasing the chance of success for transformation efforts. And it is flexible – allowing organizations to start with use cases that match their business priorities and add on as priorities change. As Kenneth Young, president and CEO of Medecision, said:

“Aerial’s unmatched adaptability redefines healthcare data integration and intelligence. With advanced real-time data integration, flexibility, and speed, we empower our customers to seize high-value opportunities. For leading organizations, this might mean optimizing care management, engaging individuals with consumer-grade precision, improving prior authorization turnaround times, reducing readmissions, and much more. Whatever the use case, the need for healthcare transformation is critical, and we’ve built the platform to enable it.”

For example, the platform’s ability to add value to ADT (admission, discharge, and transfer) data has proven transformative.

Case Study: Enhancing Behavioral Health Support with Real-Time Data

A Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plan uses Aerial to reduce emergency department revisits for members with behavioral disturbances. By leveraging real-time ADT data, the plan identified members for immediate care coordination and personalized outreach, resulting in:

  • Sixty-four percent of engaged members successfully enrolled in mental health programs or referred to behavioral health resources
  • Increased member satisfaction due to timely, personalized support

Case Study: Boosting Star Ratings with Real-Time ADT Notifications

A health insurer leverages Aerial’s real-time capabilities to transform ADT data feeds, enabling timely outreach to members, providers, and care managers. This integration led to:

  • Improved plan all-cause readmissions
  • Enhanced care transitions
  • Reduced emergency department visits for high-risk patients

Join the Real-Time Data Movement

Medecision invites risk-bearing healthcare organizations to discover the transformative potential of Aerial. As part of the subscription, customers receive ongoing support and a dedicated clinical adoption team to maximize ROI.

Ready to learn more? Medecision will host a complimentary webinar, ‘Introducing Aerial: The Future of Real-Time Healthcare Data,’ on June 25, 2024. Register now.

Or request a demo today and see how Aerial can make your data make a difference.

About Medecision

Medecision is a leader in cloud-based, data-powered healthcare solutions, enabling risk-bearing entities to achieve improved health outcomes, optimized medical costs, reduced administrative costs, and personalized engagement. Our Aerial platform supports over 10% of the U.S. population, marking a significant milestone in advancing healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

[1] Craft, L. (2024). Market Guide for Health Data Management Platforms. Gartner. ID G00795604. 2 May 2024.

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