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Aerial Utilization Management

Aerial Utilization Management can help health plans speed responsiveness, improve member and provider experience and satisfaction, boost Star performance and reduce costs. Use the ROI calculator* below to see just how much you may be able to save.

Disclaimer: The results are estimated based on the numbers you provide and industry averages. Actual results depend on the completeness of your UM solution and your organization’s appetite for change.

My organization cover lives.

When it comes to automation, our prior authorization breakdown looks like: % transmitted through manual channels like phone and fax, % through provider portals and % through multiple 278 Interfaces.

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We average prior authorizations per member, per year.

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Based on the data you entered, your current total cost of prior authorizations is:

By automating these tedious processes, you can expect to save:

Additionally, you can benefit from speedier responsiveness, improved member satisfaction, and improved Stars performance.

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