Leadership Team

Impressive business experience, technical expertise, and leadership skills—the diverse backgrounds of our senior executives give Medecision a distinct advantage. Our leadership team has an intimate understanding of the industry, a vision for tomorrow and unwavering dedication to serving our customers every day.

    • Deborah M. Gage
      President and Chief Executive Officer

      Deborah Gage is a proven business transformer. She has built her career on assessing, reorganizing and re-energizing companies and leading them to the next stage of growth.

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    • Ellen Donahue-Dalton
      Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

      Ellen Donahue-Dalton is a global company and start-up growth driver who thrives on creating actual solutions to challenging market dynamics. She always seems to be in the middle of the action.

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    • Philip Paul
      Executive Vice President

      From Internet startups to Fortune 500 Companies, Philip has spent nearly 20 years providing management, consulting and strategic technology services to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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    • John P. McGahey
      Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

      John McGahey has built his reputation on growing healthcare organizations and is often drawn to experiences where he can help shape a vision, a company and an industry for the better.

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    • Katherine Schneider, MD, M.Phil, FAAFP
      Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

      Nationally known for her work in the field of accountable health and patient engagement, Dr. Katherine Schneider is a trailblazer and thought leader in transforming how healthcare is accessed, consumed and purchased.

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    • Susan L. Newton
      Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer

      From New York to Michigan to Paris to Walla Walla (and many stops along the way), Susan, equipped with a master’s degree in business management and organizational behavior from the University of Michigan, has consistently created change by bringing together smart capable people, in a way that creates vision, focus and action. She is a […]

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    • Larry Schor
      Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Analytics

      Larry Schor’s insight – honed through nearly 30 years of experience in the healthcare and technology sectors – including leadership roles at Verisk Health, Ansley Capital Group, Helus, Inc., CoreSource, Inc., and Corporate Health Strategies – serves as an invaluable guide to the organizations we serve.

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    • Ken Young
      Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

      Ken Young is all about the power of the numbers. He brings a fresh perspective and a keen eye to business planning and measurement, as he drives financial performance for the company.

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