Join the liberation.

If you like to stay in your own lane, and wait until your manager gives you a to-do list to get started for the day, Medecision is probably not the place for you. We hope you already learned a little more about our culture and our values. If you like what you saw, then by all means…let’s get going. Find your next job here.

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What is a Liberator?

A Liberator is the spark that will ignite change. Someone who is always learning, changing, growing and adapting. Liberators are part of a tribe. We’re all passionate about healthcare and how it’s impacted us and others. We see that the system is broken and we’re dedicated to fixing it. Learn more about our culture.

What does it take to be a Liberator?

We’ll let some of the people who live our values every day answer that question.

Our Values & Culture

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