Meet Tamara Cull.

She’s a member of our Revenue & Experience team where she works as the SVP of Customer Success. When she’s not leading her team down the path of success, she shuts off her computer and turns on her oven as she transforms into a chef for her community.

Once a month, and for a total of 120 hours this past year, Tamara volunteers with Lasagna Love, a non-profit organization that started during the pandemic and has now evolved into a nationwide network of 20,000 volunteers. Every month, Tamara cooks and delivers ten lasagnas to food-insecure families in her local area.

Each meal Tamara creates is part of a mission to support those who need a helping hand during this challenging time. The organization has also encouraged children to get involved, including Girl Scout troops, in hopes of teaching people from a young age how they can positively impact their communities. Tamara’s work to assist those in need is one of the many examples of how Liberators are giving back. #WeAreMedecision

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