Join us for an insightful webinar where we explore the transformative potential of a modern healthcare data platform. One that is purpose built to drive personalized engagement, improve outcomes, optimize medical costs, and reduce administrative burdens. This session will illustrate the necessity of adopting platforms specifically designed for healthcare’s unique data challenges, highlighting how these solutions enable real-time data integration and analytics for immediate and impactful actions.

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  • The importance of platform thinking in overcoming healthcare data challenges
  • Strategies for real-time and flexible data ingestion and integration (the toughest nut to crack)
  • Considerations for building in care intelligence
  • The critical role of sub-second analytics for immediate access to data
  • The benefits of integrating all clinical data sources
  • Solutions for incorporating non-clinical data sources to enhance insights
  • Why purpose-built healthcare data platforms are more cost-effective and efficient than custom-built solutions

Featuring: The Aerial Data Platform and Clinical Intelligence Engine

Discover how risk-bearing healthcare organizations are leveraging the new Aerial platform to target high-value opportunities like optimizing care management, engaging individuals like a consumer company, improving prior authorization turnaround times, reducing readmissions, boosting STARS ratings, and more. Learn how Aerial’s adaptability sets a new benchmark for data integration and intelligence in healthcare.


  • Pavel Grebenshikov, Chief Technology Officer, Medecision
  • Katherine Schneider, MD, MPhil., FAAFP, CEO, Two Canoes Health, LLC
  • Kenneth Young, President and CEO, Medecision

Watch the Replay here

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