HITRUST CSF Certification validates Medecision is committed to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information

DALLAS, TX – July 24, 2018 – Medecision, a leader in population health and care management solutions, announced that its Aerial™ application and supporting infrastructure has earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST. Medecision received HITRUST Certification on December 31, 2017, and has consistently maintained it since that time.

HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that Medecision’s Aerial platform has met key regulations, industry-defined requirements, and is appropriately managing risk. This achievement places Medecision in an elite group of organizations that have earned this certification. By including federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF helps organizations address these challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

“In this era when data security and privacy are a paramount priority for our clients, we made the commitment several years ago to lead the industry in meeting the most rigorous standards and protocols available to secure their data,” said Deborah Gage, President and CEO of Medecision.  “As a leading cloud provider, we worked with our cloud and technology partners to ensure that we made the investments in technology and business process necessary to achieve HITRUST CSF certification. This achievement reassures clients of our commitment to addressing their top concerns.”

“HITRUST is the only CSF that harmonizes and rationalizes the many federal, state, healthcare and cross-industry standards and regulations into one framework, with a prescriptive set of controls that are applied based on an organization’s scale and maturity level,” said Bill Adiletta, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Medecision. “The Aerial platform met more than 300 requirements to achieve HITRUST CSF Certified status, including technical and process elements set forth by HIPAA, ISO, NIST, COBIT, and others. This certification gives health organizations the third-party reassurance they’re looking for regarding Medecision’s security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy.”

“HITRUST has been working with the industry to ensure the appropriate information protection requirements are met when sensitive information is accessed or stored in a cloud environment. By taking the steps necessary to obtain HITRUST CSF Certified status, Medecision is distinguished as an organization that people can count on to keep their information safe,” said Ken Vander Wal, Chief Compliance Officer, HITRUST.

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