A culture built around a better care experience. That’s liberating.

In the 30 years since Medecision was founded, we’ve seen a lot of healthcare trends come and go. That same longevity helps us discern between those aspects of population risk management that work — and those that don’t. We bring best practices to our clients and help them share theirs as well. Together, we’re a driving force behind Liberation — aiming to transform healthcare as we know it.

Values that put people ahead of processes.

If Liberation sounds like a lofty aim, it is. But we have a secret weapon that will help us get there. It’s our people-centered approach. We make it happen by designing all of our recruitment, retention, training and employee programs around a set of meaningful values.

These are not just words on a page to those of us who work here. They are the characteristics of people like us, so we can attract others who want to achieve the same dreams, deliver on commitments with the same passion and collaborate with other leading minds. They are also the promises we make to our customers, in exchange for their respect, trust and ongoing engagement.

Get to know the employees who best demonstrate one of our values in their everyday work life.

  • Candor

    Medecision communicates in a sincere, direct and empathetic way, shared and received with the intent to speed understanding and resolve conflicts constructively and quickly.

    Meet Chris.
    Chris Opsanick is a major change agent at Medecision. According to his coworkers, he consistently drives toward success by communicating openly and honestly. Chris has the ability to stay focused on what needs to be done to overcome obstacles with all types of project stakeholders. Although he’s a relatively new addition to the Liberator culture, he always brings a fresh perspective and unbiased viewpoint to his team.

  • Execution

    We accomplish plans, goals and commitments putting customer needs at the center of everything we do. We take personal and team responsibility for delivering on our promises to our customers and colleagues, growing in the process.

    Meet Susanna.
    When it comes to excellence in execution, there isn’t always just one clear winner. Susanna Izzo is another Liberator who consistently delivers flawless work, adapts gracefully to change and exceeds expectations at every turn. She manages to be reliable, humble and patient, all while moving gracefully past every challenge and gaining consensus among her colleagues along the way.

  • Innovation

    We find and create new ways to solve customer and company needs by challenging the current state and delivering transformative ideas.

    Meet Rebecca.
    If innovation is the very essence of being a Liberator, then Rebecca Molesworth is one of the leaders of this charge. She manages to be both a cross-functional collaborator and a highly independent thinker at the same time. And she’s known far and wide across Medecision for her deep product knowledge and willingness to take on any challenge. Rebecca is not only incredibly passionate; she brings others along for the ride by invoking excitement and positivity among all of her colleagues.

  • Leadership

    We have vision, guidance, direction and solutions that advance our customers’ and our own transformations, pioneering important disruptions with key partners in an evolving industry.

    Meet Richard.
    Richard Moore has held several roles at Medecision. Yet no matter what his assignment, he’ll own it and drive it to a successful conclusion. Whether righting the ship on a project or nurturing his team members, Richard has consistently demonstrated that he can lead others, delight customers, drive organizational execution and build bridges across all functions.

  • Partnership

    We engage to define and drive mutual success. We give and earn trust and transparency with clients, business partners / vendors, colleagues and other stakeholders so that our collaborations are successful.

    Meet Nan.
    Partnership takes many forms. Sometimes it means recruiting, organizing and directing people who don’t directly report to you. Nan Sloan is expert at this form of leadership and partnership. Her personal drive is second to none and she has the ability to “rally the troops” to meet an objective, no matter the issue. She has both deep domain expertise in her field and is equally willing to help others gain access to the knowledge they need to accomplish any task.

  • Passion

    We share an infectious emotional commitment to our work because what we do is important to our customers, one another, and ourselves.

    Meet Beverly.
    Beverly Teague’s passion extends beyond her unwavering commitment to Medecision’s mission. She’s also incredibly enthusiastic about working with her team members and executing successfully on every deliverable, whether it’s implementing company-wide programs, assisting in client meetings or producing materials to support these activities. She’s considered one of the organization’s most collaborative partners thanks to her willingness to contribute her time, energy and talents to support any initiative.

  • Execution

    We accomplish plans, goals and commitments putting customer needs at the center of everything we do. We take personal and team responsibility for delivering on our promises to our customers and colleagues, growing in the process.

    Meet Annie.
    Some people are just made to meet deadlines. Juggling competing priorities are in their DNA. Both are certainly true for Annie LeBlanc. As a result, she’s a true partner to others and can meet the demands of individuals with many competing interests. A quiet leader, she works cross-functionally to inform and educate her co-workers. “Get it done” is truly her motto, but she does it all with a smile.

  • CEO List

    It can be difficult to find a single individual who exemplifies every single value of Medecision in every interaction, but this individual is up to the task.

    Meet Connie.
    Whether she’s helping our clients achieve greater program effectiveness, earning the respect of her peers, or establishing her leadership skills, Connie Webster is a Liberator by any definition. She’s seen as a subject matter expert across a variety of domains by clients, peers and executives alike. And she provides support to these individuals in a way that exudes both warm and competence. As a result, she’s leading the charge to better health and better care for everyone we serve.

Unleashing better care for people and their families.

At Medecision, we envision a more liberated healthcare system where people, plans and care teams engage in driving the best health outcomes in a seamless, interconnected way. All of our Liberators live and breathe this aim in their daily work lives, no matter how these individuals touch the lives of our customers or the people they serve.

Of course, we’ve all experienced healthcare in one form or another—the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re taking the good and making it better, like supporting the care teams who go above and beyond to help people. We believe that coming at this challenge from a personal perspective is the only way to drive real, lasting transformation.

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