A culture built around a better care experience. That’s liberating.

Medecision was founded over 30 years ago, and in that time, we’ve seen a lot of healthcare trends come and go. That same longevity helps us discern between those aspects of population health management that work — and those that don’t. We bring best practices to our clients and help them share theirs as well. Together, we’re a driving force behind Liberation — aiming to transform healthcare as we know it.

Values that put people ahead of processes.

If Liberation sounds like a lofty aim, it is. But we have a secret weapon that will help us get there. It’s our people-centered approach. We make it happen by designing all of our recruitment, retention, training and employee programs around a set of meaningful values.

These are not just words on a page to those of us who work here. They are the characteristics of people like us, so we can attract others who want to achieve the same dreams, deliver on commitments with the same passion and collaborate with other leading minds. They are also the promises we make to our customers, in exchange for their respect, trust and ongoing engagement.

Get to know the employees who best demonstrate one of our values in their everyday work life.

  • CEO List

    It can be difficult to find a single individual who exemplifies every single value of Medecision in every interaction, but this individual is up to the task.

    Meet Jason.

    Jason Booker has made his mark in a relatively short tenure with the company, evidenced by his nominations for multiple categories, including passion, partnership, and innovation. So it’s no wonder he was named CEO List for 2021. Jason is kind, witty, eager to listen and help, and always open to new ideas. He strives for excellence in everything he does and collaborates with peers, colleagues, and clients alike to help bring ideas to life, make the technology we deliver more user-friendly and valuable, and bring human-centered design to our platform.

  • Innovation

    We find and create new ways to solve customer and company needs by challenging the current state and delivering transformative ideas.

    Meet Olivia.

    When most people think of innovation, they think of innovation in terms of products. But Olivia Peterson delivers innovation in methods that move customers forward – often beyond their known capabilities. Olivia is always asking the challenging questions and pushing for better answers, better collaboration, and better outcomes. Olivia is also an innovator in the way she makes a case for humanity in business and life, providing helpful advice to organizations trying to find their way to sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion, and asking us all to “disrupt the process of waiting for change to happen. Be the BOLD leader of change.”

  • Passion

    We share an infectious emotional commitment to our work because what we do is important to our customers, one another, and ourselves.

    Meet Ajay.

    Ajay Chakravarthy works diligently as the product team representative for client success issues. He is passionate about pursuing the best, most timely solution for our clients to consistently delight them. Ajay approaches every task with dedication and an eye toward not only getting the job done, but getting it done right the first time. He keeps communication lines open and motivates others to be passionate in their roles and responses to clients as well.

  • Execution

    We accomplish plans, goals, and commitments putting customer needs at the center of everything we do. We take personal and team responsibility for delivering on our promises to our customers and colleagues, growing in the process.

    Meet Teresa.

    Teresa Janz is passionate about our products and goes above and beyond to ensure they provide the utmost quality and value. She continuously collaborates with the product team, stakeholders, and clinicians to understand our customers’ needs and wants, and determine the features that will deliver on their goals. She works tirelessly to ensure the team’s work is organized and detailed and that even the most complex project plans are easy to understand and execute. Her project planning abilities, approachable leadership style, willingness to quickly adapt to changing priorities, and commitment to understanding and relaying requirements ultimately help us deliver better products

  • Leadership

    We have vision, guidance, direction and solutions that advance our customers’ and our own transformations, pioneering important disruptions with key partners in an evolving industry.

    Meet Charlie.

    In describing Charlie Lee’s leadership, words and phrases like “honest,” “hardworking,” “calm,” and “an all-around great guy” come up frequently. His deep understanding of processes and process improvement allow him to resolve issues quickly, and his proactive approach, negotiating skills, and willingness to go to the mat for his projects and team help them get what they need to get the job done efficiently. With “transparency and advocacy that are second to none,” Charlie’s commitment to his team, willingness to always lend a helping hand, and amplification of others’ talents and accomplishments make him the kind of standout leader Medecision looks for. 

  • Passion

    We share an infectious emotional commitment to our work because what we do is important to our customers, one another, and ourselves. 

    Meet Sara.

    Sara Moggio is passion personified. Her positive attitude isn’t just contagious, it’s real. Sara believes there is nothing that cannot be done and proved it when Medecision needed to immediately pivot all in-person event marketing activities to virtual as COVID-19 hit. Sara quickly identified new ways to engage, support, and connect, graciously becoming our resident virtual event expert and serving as a “Center of Excellence” for both Liberator and client communications. Her passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism have led to countless achievements, including some of our highest Liberator satisfaction and client engagement scores.

  • Candor

    Our communications are sincere, direct, and empathetic; we share and receive communications with the intent to speed understanding, resolving conflicts constructively and quickly.

    Meet Beth.

    Beth Boose is one of those rare leaders who can have a candid discussion with her team. She is honest and straightforward, never afraid to speak the truth while keeping empathy, and expecting the same from those around her. She is a caring leader, who takes the time to get to the bottom of issues team members are facing and help them overcome them, from analyzing different approaches and potential results, to working side-by-side to get the job done. Beth also provides honest feedback to her team, which helps them grow in their roles and achieve greater levels of success.  

  • Execution

    We accomplish plans, goals, and commitments putting customer needs at the center of everything we do. We take personal and team responsibility for delivering on our promises to our customers and colleagues, growing in the process. 

    Meet Kris.

    Kris Loftis has a natural “can-do” attitude that is infectious. No matter what she has on her own plate, she is willing to roll up her sleeves and even actively seek out work that will help others accomplish key tasks. Her execution is consistently flawless, but was particularly highlighted in a recent major project. Not only did Kris ask the right questions and tackle tough challenges in a timely manner, but she also took on greater levels of responsibility along the way and sought to improve the process the more she understood it. Teammates applaud Kris for being willing to do it all and do it with great positivity.  

Unleashing better care for people and their families.

At Medecision, we envision a more liberated healthcare system where people, plans and care teams engage in driving the best health outcomes in a seamless, interconnected way. All of our Liberators live and breathe this aim in their daily work lives, no matter how these individuals touch the lives of our customers or the people they serve.

Of course, we’ve all experienced healthcare in one form or another—the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re taking the good and making it better, like supporting the care teams who go above and beyond to help people. We believe that coming at this challenge from a personal perspective is the only way to drive real, lasting transformation.