Medecision was featured in a recent article from HealthLeaders. You can find the full article here.

An excerpt from the article by Laura Beerman:

“A new Medecision market report highlights payer UM, CM and population health challenges in 2024.”


  • Current health tech can’t meet the industry’s greatest challenges: poor outcomes, preventable utilization, rising medical costs and a shrinking workforce.
  • Health plan executives believe member engagement is key to optimizing utilization, case, and population health management.
  • The problem? They can’t achieve peak personalization with today’s tools and current AI and data limitations.

“Healthcare’s key Whats remain dependent on its Hows. Three of those Whats are utilization management, case management, and population health management (UM, CM and PHM). The How is personalization that can improve the care experience while reducing cost and improving outcomes and efficiencies. But personalization in a digital world requires automation and data. Today’s tools and platforms aren’t cutting it, and hope is not a plan.”


The rest of the article goes on to discuss the implications of Medecision’s most recent Market Report:

Our recent report sheds light on the existing disparities between healthcare executives’ recognition of the importance of personalization and the current implementation status. The survey, conducted in collaboration with Sage Growth Partners, involved 53 healthcare leaders from 24 organizations, revealing key barriers hindering the achievement of the Triple Aim.

Health plan CEOs, CIOs, and CMOs highlighted their systems’ limitations as obstacles to achieving cost reductions, better outcomes, and efficiencies. While optimism persists, advanced patient personalization remains out of reach with current utilization management (UM), care management (CM), and population health management (PHM) technologies. Our CEO, Kenneth Young, stresses the need for transformation in these areas, emphasizing the strategic use of data and new technologies to drive impact at the crucial health inflection point.

Addressing frustrations like inefficient workflows and limited member engagement tools, health plan leaders advocate for AI-driven automation and diversified data solutions. However, significant gaps persist between the desired healthcare transformation and current systems. Medecision recommends customizing CM and PHM, streamlining processes with intelligent automation, and leveraging data for informed decision-making. Personalization emerges as a crucial element, seen as pivotal in achieving desired outcomes while maintaining regulatory compliance across the care continuum.

You can read the full piece from HealthLeaders here.


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